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com::prolixtech::utils::SingletonLogger Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::prolixtech::utils::SingletonLogger:

com::prolixtech::utils::NullLogger com::prolixtech::utils::MboxLogger

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Detailed Description

This class provides a single logging utility used for debugging purposes. It delegates most of its work to the java logging system, however it is made a singleton here so that it can be used throughout the application.

Constantinos Michael

Definition at line 13 of file SingletonLogger.java.

Public Member Functions

void baloon (String msg, String title)
void disableBaloons ()
void exception (String msg, Exception e)
void exception (Level x, String msg, Exception e)
void fine (String msg)
Logger getLogger ()
void http (Request req, String msg)
void info (String msg)
void log (Level vel, String msg)
void severe (String msg)
void sql (String msg)
void warning (String msg)

Static Public Member Functions

static MboxLogger Instance ()
static void setLog (boolean x)

Static Private Attributes

static MboxLogger inst = NullLogger.Instance()
static boolean log

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