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com::prolixtech::jaminid_examples::ajax::SimpleAjaxServer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::prolixtech::jaminid_examples::ajax::SimpleAjaxServer:


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Detailed Description

Constantinos Michael

Definition at line 28 of file SimpleAjaxServer.java.

Public Member Functions

String demultiplex (Request connRequest, Response connResponse)
ContentOracle getDelegatedOracle (Request serviceRequest)

Static Public Member Functions

static ContentOracle Instance ()
static void main (String[] args)

Static Public Attributes

static final int PORT = 8080

Static Protected Attributes

static ContentOracle theInstance

Package Attributes

DecimalFormat dcf = new DecimalFormat()

Private Member Functions

void fillInTemplate (StringBuffer a, Request connRequest, Response connResponse, HashMap< String, String > outputHash)
String getFiller (String string, Request connRequest, Response connResponse)

Private Attributes

Random rand = new Random()
String root_canonical

Static Private Attributes

volatile static Daemon daemon
static final String DEFAULT = "index.html"
static final String ROOT_PATH = "src/com/prolixtech/jaminid_examples/ajax/resources/"

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