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String com::prolixtech::jaminid::StreamingOracle::demultiplex ( Request  connRequest,
Response  connResponse 
) [inline]

the main function of the oracle, is to demux the request and produce an output that is relative to the request.

in this example, it is a static HTML, that is all we care about for now.

the output

Reimplemented from com::prolixtech::jaminid::ContentOracle.

Definition at line 42 of file StreamingOracle.java.

References com::prolixtech::jaminid::StreamBundle::getStream(), and com::prolixtech::jaminid::Response::setHeaderLine().

        StreamBundle streams = streamspaths.get(cReqL

        if (streams != null) {

            MusicStream stream = streams.getStream(cReqL);
            cRepL.setHeaderLine(ProtocolResponseHeader.Content_Type, "audio/mpeg");
            cRepL.setHeaderLine(ProtocolResponseHeader.Icy_MetaData, "-1");
            return null;


        return "Streaming Error: Not Found";

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