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com::prolixtech::jaminid::Response Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The response class encapsulates an HTTP response. It contains the response data (headers, etc) as well as functions to publish cookies, send files, etc.

Constantinos Michael

Definition at line 19 of file Response.java.

Public Member Functions

byte[] CRLF ()
void publishHeader () throws IOException
 Response (int statusCode, Protocol protocol, OutputStream out, Request masterRequest)
void sendCookie15DG (String name, String value)
void sendFile (File cFile) throws Exception
void setCookie (String name, String value, String path, java.util.Date expires)
void setHeaderLine (ProtocolResponseHeader header, String value)
void setStatus (int statusCode)

Private Attributes

Map< String, String > activeHeader = new java.util.HashMap<String, String>()
boolean headerPublished
Request masterRequest
OutputStream out
Protocol protocol
String statusLine

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