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com::prolixtech::jaminid::Daemon Class Reference

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Detailed Description

As in most HTTP implementations, the Daemon opens a port, listens for incoming connections, and then spawns the connections to serve that connection. Sometimes this is called the server, we already have plenty of things in the works that will be called servers, so we're going for the what was the original name of the process before Marketting got to it.

We're going for a no frills implementation that handles all the law level stuff and delegates the production of content to what we call a ContentOracle. This is a nice clean design that makes this code reusable.

On the subject of why an HTTP server vs a JSP implementation, we find this to be a better approach. Less messy, makes the whole thing easier to install, more controllable, faster - this is no frills. The code is centralized, almost all of it in the server itself.

Constantinos Michael 24.05.06 - Marco Strack added constructor to reflect socket binding arguments

Definition at line 35 of file Daemon.java.

Public Member Functions

 Daemon (int serverPort, int backLog, InetAddress adr, ContentOracle cOra)
 Daemon (int serverPort, ContentOracle cOra)
ContentOracle getOracle ()
Protocol getProtocol ()
int getServerPort ()
boolean isRunning ()
void printlog (String message)
void run ()
void tearDown ()
void tearDownAndWait ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[])

Static Public Attributes

static final String VERSION = "0.99.1"

Private Attributes

Protocol activeProtocol = Protocol.Instance()
InetAddress adr
int backLog
ContentOracle contentOracle
boolean RUNNING = false
int serverPort
ServerSocket serverSocket

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