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com::prolixtech::jaminid::Connection Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The connection is a thread-of-service spanwed by the Daemon. The connection handles the IO part of the Response/Oracle/Request paradigm by creating the request and response objects, and calling the Oracle at the appropriate time to extract the output which will be send to the client.

Constantinos Michael

Definition at line 29 of file Connection.java.

Public Member Functions

 Connection (Socket activeSocket, Daemon masterDaemon) throws IOException
String getIPAddressString ()
void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String getGMTString (Date d)

Protected Member Functions

void sendString (byte[] bytes)
void sendString (Object string) throws IOException

Private Member Functions

void printlog (String message)

Private Attributes

Socket activeSocket
boolean isalive = true
Daemon masterDaemon
InputStream socketInput
OutputStream socketOutput

Static Private Attributes

static SimpleDateFormat GMTDateFormatter
static final long lineCheckInterval = 100L
static final long lineTimeout = 5000L

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